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Arcade Advanced Stream #379-383

Stream #379

Join @Richard, @livcheerful, and @shakao as they are back on the game show beat! This time, we added some AI logic and fleshed out the game loop a little bit!

Stream #380

Join @livcheerful, @jwunderl, and @shakao as they make a procedurally generated platformer with connecting doors! It works (?)

Stream 381

Join @Richard and @livcheerful as they spruce up the game show once more! Now with animations!

Stream 382

Join @Richard, @shakao, and @jwunderl as they finish up the game show game!

Stream 383

Note: this stream contains some flashing lights. Join @Richard, @jwunderl, and @livcheerful as they work on making some tv screen efffects! We do image stretching, tearing, fuzzing and more!


I am in love with Jwunderl’s new pfp


Haha, @shakao made them for us, I agree they’re all great! (If you look at the reviewers here (just a random pr that had a decent number of reviewers) you can see some, or just poke around the repo itself / scroll through :slight_smile: )


wow now i can use some of your effects

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