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Battery for Kittenbot Meowbit

Does anyone know what the specification is for the battery for the Kittenbot Meowbit? Are there any particular batteries that are recommended?

The only thing I can find is which states Supply voltage:USB(5V), Lithium battery pack(3.7~4.2V)but doesn’t list the connector type, polarity, maximum physical size of the battery nor the cable length requirement.

They sell battery packs on taobao ( not sure whether links are allowed here.) but probably not able to ship oversea. I’ve reposted this thread to the kittenbot chat group and hopefully they will have a look into this.

With size less than 25 x 50 x 10 (mm) are suitable :cat:

Thanks, the video on taobao page is useful. The Meowbit case is a surprisingly good fit and it shows how to safely stretch it to get access to the top of the PCB including the power connector. I can see there are polarity markings on the PCB and these match hardware like the Adafruit PyGamer. I’ve just tried a battery I use with the PyGamer on the Meowbit and it works ok which means it is a JST-PH (compatible) connector and has same polarity.

The Adafruit 400mAh and 420mAh batteries only have 25mm cables on them. Their 500mAh version has longer cable looks too chubby to fit. I wonder whether the first two fit in the compartment and can reach the connector. Has anyone tried those?

Pimoroni have a 500mAh at 37 x 30.5 x 5.3mm, I’m wondering whether that can be squeezed into the pouch diagonally?

The connector is really close to the pouch, i don’t think you have to thread it along the battery like it’s done with the kittenbot battery. I think you should be fine with shorter cable.