Can someone give the song megaloviania

pls can someone give the song megaloviania for my game

Already done:

  • A giant monster
  • A platformer game
  • Big dungeon game

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What game do you want chooseup there👆

emm… i am not a javascript guy so pls makeit with blocks ok?

Sorry, I won’t be able to do that - it would take too much time :frowning:

@SoftTalker javascript is easier to code if you have less time (prob like @UnsignedArduino) and it’s also easier to copy/paste things as well as add extensions without the hassle of waiting for the extension to load for long - that especially helps when making music in Arcade, since I think @UnsignedArduino’s music extension (on GitHub) is pretty hefty. Also, you MIGHT be able to change the JavaScript back to blocks but probably not since:

  • Megalovania is a big song
  • Block coding has data limits, while JavaScript and Python don’t
  • Most of the code will appear as black blocks, meaning they don’t fall into any of the code categories (basic, input, music etc etc) and will be harder to understand

Just saying in case you still didn’t know why @UnsignedArduino isn’t using blocks :slight_smile:

okok from now on
i will learn javascript