Extension Ideas

I really want to practice making extensions, but I don’t know what to make. Any ideas?

(Ideas can also be blocks you want or help)

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Maybe a painting extension? You can make a paint brush sprite and on B button pressed, it will change a color palette.Then the blocks can change the color palette instead of going to pxt.json all the time and doing that.

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Maybe you could make an extension that allows users to make their own custom sprite effects like lightning.

Do you mean like the color fading extension? It lets you change the palette in blocks. But, I think a drawing extension is a great idea!

Great idea! I will look into this.


IDEA!!! Opacity!!! Make opacity levels! For stuff like windows shadows and ghosts!!!


Great idea!

I don’t know if this is way to complicated, but maybe you could make an extension that asks the developer for a url to a song and it puts the song in the game

It would be impossible, at least directly in the editor. Maybe you could use the socket extension to stream audio data but you would have to figure out how to decode the audio data and play the samples.

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Yes it is. lol


Changing the opacity of sprites was something that was possible ‘out-of-the-box’ with Touch Develop. It would be nice if that were also possible. I believe the sprite opacity was changed over a time period (i.e. from 0 - 100% and vice versa).

I remember seeing a post from @FlyingFox that transitions a sprite into another sprite. Maybe that could be the basis for working with opacity.

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I am working on an opacity formula, this might help. Thanks!


It’d be fantastic to see an extension for more effects or customizable effects! If you want an example to reference, @jwunderl made a small extension to add an effect that is like the rainbow “trail”, but it takes on the colors of the sprite it’s added to: https://github.com/jwunderl/arcade-particle-effects/blob/master/extra-effects.ts

Our in-game effects are defined in this file: https://github.com/microsoft/pxt-common-packages/blob/master/libs/game/particleeffects.ts#L257


I have a few ideas. I don’t know if they can be implemented, but here:

  1. Maybe be able to change the resolution of the simulator by halving it or doubling it, so that it would still work in the simulator without being all buggy. Pretty sure that you can’t change it but, it’s worth a shot asking.

  2. Being able to add custom music

  3. Maybe being able to upload fonts. For example you could add a font. Then where you would normally select the color of the font in the “Game” section, you could choose which font to use. Or something like that.

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I actually am already working on a font editor!


I have another extension that you might be able to make. Maybe you could make a rope extension. right now, characters can only shoot projectiles. Maybe you could make an extension that allows the characters to shoot out ropes, kind of like a grappling gun. Characters can use this swing around.

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