Game Idea Sharing Room

    Welcome to the game idea sharing room. This is a place in the forum were people who have ideas for games that they don't think they'll pursue themselves can dump those ideas into this room. 

I will be posting ideas here regularly for video games to make in makecode that i will not be making myself.

If you want to use one of my ideas all i ask is that you post here what idea you’re using and make sure to put me in the credits or something, and if you’re using someone else’s idea make sure to do the same.

When posting on this topic you understand that your idea will most likely be used, and so i ask that you do not say or do anything rude if you come back and later want to work on that game that someone already took.

I also ask that you make sure if you want to use a game idea that the idea isn’t already being worked on.

All ideas can be used more than once if the original creator allows it.

I believe that is all the rules for this topic. Have fun finding new ideas and posting unused one’s!
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First idea ever posted on this topic:

Game Name: Stay Ahead (<-Suggestion)
Type: Horror
Gameplay: You are in a creepy mansion with bad lighting and you are running away from a Litch-like creature.

MC(Main Character): Idea is for them to be holding a candle, but honestly do what you want.
Litch: One condition…must be creepy.

Summary: Only the gameplay and type should be taken seriously, everything else you may customize and build the game as you wish. bows

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Second idea ever posted on this topic:

Game Name: (you can choose)
Type: puzzle
Gameplay: Each puzzle level has a platformer-like area. There are lanterns at specific areas that light up a circle. If a tile is not lit up, it is like it is not there, meaning you can fall through it. You can move the lanterns, but only have a certain amount of moves. There are iron platforms that are lit up all the time, no matter what. You have to move the player to the end.

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i’ll take up this project! by the way what’s a litch?




Thats a litch!


i see :scream: :scream: :scream:

Just hovering my mouse over the image gave me chills :cold_sweat:
TBH, it looks even scarier like that.


(shivering in fear) true

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I did not get scared at all.

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Also, new rule, to make it easier to see which games have been claimed, please type out the Author of the idea and quote the idea. This makes everything much easier to keep track of, enjoy!

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Third idea ever shared on this topic:

Game Name: ???
Type: Adventure
Gameplay: The player will use buttons to aim a grappling hook at a ledge and throw it to get higher up the mountain. Like a mountain climbing game.

Summary: This is like Getting Over It. That’s Basically it.

I would really like to do that @FlintAsher

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You’ve already taken the first idea i posted correct?

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yep :upside_down_face:

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Can you make a game with ragdolls


Maybe create some shooter game but with focus on graphics?
The only problem is sprite size and animation ?


Yes probably, but it would be incredibly hard. You might have to make each part of the ragdoll its own object/sprite

almost done

Well if you finish making the first idea, then you can chose another one. In the meantime i will be posting more ideas through out the week. And a little side note: If you already have one idea you’re working on, it would be best to wait until you finish that one first.

This is just to make sure everyone has a chance to pick an idea.

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