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GemCrush and "Sprite Grid" extension beta

The game is amazing. Period.

Only problems are that the gems occasionally don’t move down.

But still.


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If you see the problem again and notice anything weird that might have caused it, let me know!
I think it probably has to do with the speed of simulation and large physics updates happening between events firing sometimes. Or just a logic bug on my side.

@darzu it also happened to me

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Thanks, I got a repro now as well. I’ll look over the code when I get a chance

Awesome game! I hope to see puyo puyo next. My personal favorite arcade game of all time.

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Thanks! Nice! Seems kind of like multiplayer tetris?

A modern game that seems similar is “Tricky Towers”

It’s sorta like if tetris met street fighter. For a long time I had a TV in my apartment dedicated to nothing but puyo puyo


Haha well it sounds like we need an arcade cabinet dedicated to puyo puyo in the team room!

Oh yes for sure

I think you should add some sound to your amazing game :slight_smile:

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Hey, does this work with an 8 × 8 tilemap? (Not the color-coded extension one, using the regular tilemap APIs)

Great question. I haven’t tested it with 8x8 (since it’s basically impossible right now to use 8x8 in blocks), but in theory it should work. Likely there’s a bug or two that would need to be fixed.

Oh, and I forgot to say that I’ve been using it with an 8x8 tilemap and it works like a charm!


This looks very promising, but unfortunately the examples aren’t loading for me. I get A namespace declaration cannot be in a different file from a class or function with which it is merged errors in the JS console. Does it need to be updated?

Yes sorry about that, we have a bug that we’re trying to fix shortly.

If you click “Edit Code” it should open okay

Fix is merged and will hopefully be released soon


Can you add a block to remove a sprite from the grid? Like remove [sprite] from grid? I don’t want to destroy a sprite just to get it off the grid, as it would complicate the logic of my game.

Sorry for the poke @darzu :wink: but I also filed an issue here.

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(use A to move off grid, B to move on grid)

Pokes are appreciated! I frequently miss or forget to get back to forum notifications.

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Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! Adding that block fixed my problem! :smiley:

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