Is there a code limit?

So, I’m working on a really big game and i’m worried that i will hit some limit and not be able to progress. Is there some kind of limit for how many blocks, variables, functions, arrays ect.?

Also, if you use lots of extensions, I have experienced one-off bugs too.

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There shouldn’t be an inherent limit, but many users on this Forum have hit bugs when working with lots of code. (Myself including)

Of course, if you computer is slow, it’s going to be extremely painful navigating thousands upon thousands of blocks. (My BTD Remastered hits 2000 blocks - I’m on an i7 and have 12GB of RAM and it’s still painful with that many blocks) And if you use TS, you get the option of multiple files which helps with organization. There doesn’t seem to be a limit with TS only projects, example here which hits 15 thousand lines and is still running fine.

And don’t forget to use GitHub while working on big projects! It has saved my behind once too many to count!

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