Need a bit of help

how do i make a projectile go up not right? sorry im new…

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@BryanBOfficial can you share a link to the code you have so far?

Generally, to control the direection of a projectile, you want to set its velocity. Velocity has two parts: vx (horizontal) and vy (vertical).

So to make a sprite go up, you want to set the vy to a negative value and vx to 0. Like this:

yeah! here it is

its still very glitchy…

@BryanBOfficial thanks!

To do run n’ gun type shooting in platformers, I like to use the character animations extension. Not only does it make animations easier, it also keeps track of what direction a sprite is facing! Here’s some sample code (with comments):

If you want to do rapid-fire projectiles, you can use the “button repeat” event and a block from the “controller” extension:

Thank you so much solved all my problem!!

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actually it did not worked it still shoots right :((((((