New Project: Sneak Peek

I’ve been having a ton of fun creating the artwork and getting the basic animations to work. Thought I’d share!

Board game sneak peek

I don’t have any of the game logic done, but I’ve written this game before in other languages, so I’m hoping my recall is strong. :slight_smile: Next steps for me will be setting up the player selection screens, including multiplayer. By the way, how cool is the new multiplayer capability in MakeCode Arcade! [1]

I’m thinking this one is going in the JavaScript book. Lots of complexity and really fun problem solving. After I have it finished in JavaScript, I’ll have to see whether it can be simplified enough to build in Blocks.

More to come!


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looks cool


Had a lot of fun with this one over the weekend. I have the prototype built out to a point where I’m happy with it. I think next weekend, I’m going to optimize one of my plugins to take advantage of some new MakeCode Arcade stuff that didn’t exist when I built it, and then I’ll start building the “final” game.

Stay tuned!



Very cool!

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