Nico’s Nextbots Ripoff

I’m trying to make a jumpscare for every Nextbot, is there a way to do that without drawing all of them individually?


I guess no one’s helping me with this…

Sorry, looks like this post slipped under the radar. Can you explain what exactly you’re trying to do?


:person_shrugging: :person_shrugging: :person_shrugging: :person_shrugging: :person_shrugging: :person_shrugging:

I’m trying to make a jumpscare for every Nextbot without drawing them individually with the sprite relative to camera and screen shake (number) pixels thing, like in the real game, but when the player touches the Nextbot, it; instead of jumpscaring, turns tiny and floats to the bottom right corner of the screen and the camera doesn’t shake. Is there a reason why this happens?

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