Recommended games?


Just newly introduced to makecode due to Xtron Pro hardware.

I would like to ask the community what are their favorite makecode games.
Also, I tried downloading the compilation games from the previous game jams, but wasn’t able to. and the makecode url is but it doesn’t load.

Appreciate any help.

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Racquetball, North Winter Shore Adventure, Dungeon, and Space Rock Shooter 3D. Self promotion, I think I also did pretty good on Replayability.

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Thaank you for your reply.

Any idea how would I be able to get the compilation jam games?

No, not really. You might be able to ask the creators to send you the links, but that might take a minute.

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You can find the games from the last game jam, Ocean Jam, in the Game Jam carrousel on MakeCode Arcade’s Home page:


@7thking, I built a site that display games posted the forum in a gallery view. It has an all-time view (based on forum like counts): Definitely some gems in there, but not a definitive list of the actual best games.

For the game jams, @hassan’s link is a good start. Each Jam also has their own page with some write-ups for the winners:

Ocean Jam:
Traffic Jam:
Garden Jam:


Check out @jacob_c 's list at for a gallery, it shows the threads tagged “game” ranked by the likes count of the first post.

Note that the gallery only shows the first-posted versions of games, so it may be worth checking the forum links for newer updates. For example (shameless self promotion), the latest versions of Space Rocks 3D and Boulders and Gems have a lot more features and bugfixes compared to the initial ones.