Starting a discussion topic for the AZ CS PD Group!

Here’s the link to the handout on working together with MakeCode.

What is this forum post for I don’t really know what a AZ CS PD group is can some one explaine

Some of the team is in Arizona giving a professional development to teachers. This is the chat we made so that we can easily share what we’re doing with each other.

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Debugging program -

This is a website you can plug in your python, js, java, c, or c++ code and when you run it visually maps your project. It helps when troubleshooting your code.

Here’s a blog post on making levels in MakeCode Arcade:

Instructions for the shoebox controller project -

Block Gallery -
Micro:bit Blocks Gallery (
Arcade Blocks Gallery (

Tool for taking screenshots of blocks -

CSTA Microbit lesson 1.pdf

Here is the link to use for my demonstration.

MakeCode with Smart Cutebot

MakeCode Lesson Plan