What are the player 3 and player 4 controls

I’ve seen this game on the Wii Play so I wanted to recreate it. It’s one or two-player. If I want two players. I need 4 controls.

Right now, I believe for more than two players you need to plug in controllers. We use the built in browser support for controllers, so if you plug in e.g. an xbox controller it should connect (and if you plug in 4 controllers you’ll be able to have 4 players)

I have these controllers

will these worrk

they might! you should try it out and let us know

They don’t have USB plugs.

It’s part of that 620 classic games all in one system

oh, no those will not work! sorry I thought they were the 8bitdo ones

Wii remotes that’s all I got

Will 2 keyboards work

wii remotes won’t work either. iirc they can connect over bluetooth but they don’t show up as gamepads on the computer.

No, sorry the only way is to connect multiple game controllers. Hopefully we can make this scenario better in the future (it’s pretty hidden and poorly documented right now)

Hey @richard Do you have any suggestions on what I could possibly get as in remotes wise

not off the top of my head! I can try and test out some of the random controllers I have lying around and report back on which work best

Ok thanks

Hey @richard, do you think there could be an adapter for the remotes I have for the thing you thought was an 8bitdo. I was thinking about looking for adapters but I thought of asking you guys first.

@richard turns out I couldn’t find any online

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Will Bluetooth work? Also, do any controllers other than 8bitdo work?

So far. I know that ps4, Nintendo switch pro (wireless), and I have not tried others. I think it should just be trying. There should really be no harm there in experimenting controls.