3 ideas

so my first idea is a hitbox extension so you naturally can make a hitbox sprite wich will surround the main sprite and can have the type of hitbox or just an extension wich makes an invisible border around all animations so no getting stuck on blocks and that.
my second idea is an invincible block so it says set sprite to invisible for a certsin amount of time and while that is happening any animation of that sprite is just flashing invisible and then not inivsible like most retro games but while the sprite is flashing the sprite cannot lose any lives so its not having to put set sprite to ghost instead you just stop life losing for a certian time
this could be for invinible power ups and getting hurt
the 3rd idea is a water extension where in this forum there is a shader extension but itd be better if there could be like a tone of colour added to it so that it looks like water and all the sprites and tiles look under water but the extension would also have water like physics if thats possible so it just slows down the sprite and gravity is way lower or like that could be coded manually i dunno but if those could be done itd be really cool


the 2nd one is a great idea