A bug when I tried to do the Tutorials – Simple Extensions

Hi all,

I assume there is a bug when I tried to do the Tutorials – Simple Extensions

I have follow the instructions with steps on this Tutorials, but failed to make the game successfully to run on the condition step – when “player” overlaps “object” at location.

Here is the linkage for the game: https://makecode.com/_dgR8sEKr3Azy

I have checked the root cause, and found the following, and I think it is a bug that the desired object was not able to save into the source file, which made the code incorrect; the appearance from screen is not what it is in the source code stored in the server.

My questions are the following: 1) Is this a bug or I make a mistake (please let me know the correction)? 2) if it is a bug, what is the way to fix it? Is it possible to choose a lower version, which is more stable?

Here is what it looks at the editor screen (combination of pic 1 and pic 2)

Here is what stored in the server as I believed, after I published and shared the code, I opened the link, and it showed up like this, the object 2 was stored here, instead of object 1, which is the required one.

Thanks in advance.


The current verrsion i have used are:


This is a bug, thanks for finding it! Please file an issue at https://github.com/microsoft/pxt-arcade/issues

Thanks for your quick response. i will fill up the issu log tomorrow.

I work on Asia timezone.



Hi Richard,

I have raised the issue log per your request.



Hi all,

The error was gone in last week when i opend the code, and it seems work,. I am not sure what has happened.

but now when i checked it. the old error happened again withe extactly the same problem. I will need to use this turtoal as demo on this Thurday morning in Asia time.

see the linkage:

Is there any quick fixed to let it work!



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