A landing page for CS Intro 1-4

I’ve been working through (I’m assuming Microsoft-authored?) courses, about to start CS Intro 3, and so far they have been uniformly excellent. My only quibble is the organization. https://arcade.makecode.com/courses/ gets you to a page that lists several courses, but you have to know to go to the hamburger menu to get to CS Intro 1-4. Also, once you’re in one of those units, there’s no up button to bring you back. There’s a breadcrumb trail, but, for instance, if I’m in CS Intro 3 >> Structure, the breadcrumb shows Docs > Structure – it doesn’t bring the user back to CS Intro 3.

So, if somebody has the time to clean up the structure of the site, that’d be great. Our students can certainly maneuver around, but it feels a tad awkward.