A problem

Hi! I think the issue you were talking about during the stream was not being able to drag the text block in CreateTextMessage into “say”, right? It’s because you’re passing in a sprite when you call the function CreateTextMessage. Try putting in a string to say instead!

(lemme know if you have other questions)

I’m sorry but I don’t know what that means

When we created the function, you clicked on the one with the red arrow, and we clicked the one with the blue arrow:

The red arrow means the thing being passed as ‘text’ is a, and can do sprite things; the blue arrow means it’ll accept text, and which can e.g. print to the screen. In this case, we wanted ‘text’, as we were using the courier variable to print the value that is passed to the function, so:

@richard; is there anything simple we can do for something like this? There’s no way after a function is created for a user to know if the param is a sprite vs text or number; I can’t think of a way to differentiate them (besides e.g. prefixing with the type or a symbol indicating type). I guess at least we could provide hover text on the parameters in the function creation dialog, so there’s a way for us to instruct people to check?

Thanks for helping me. I’ll be following the video today and join the twitch as well.

hover text seems like a good idea, there is also an icon below the parameter in the create dialog that shows the type