A simple mandelbrot browser

A very simple but interest mandelbrot browser, it can zoom and move.

  • A, zoom in
  • B, zoom out
  • up/down/left/tight, move




This is beautiful!

Another one of the posts back in may also implemented a mandelbrot viewer - Mandelbrot viewer - it looks like the main difference is that yours renders as a response to user inputs, whereas the other one was rendering each frame - I’d suspect that your version might run a little more quickly on hardware.

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I will make a new much fast version soon.


As Joey already stated, this is gorgeous. Really nice work! And you did it in Blocks!

There has always been something magical and fascinating to me about the Mandelbrot set. Fractals in general, but particularly the Mandelbrot Set, were one of the things that motivated me to get my undergraduate and teaching certificate in mathematics.

When I taught high school geometry, I used Xaos[1] in the classroom to allow the students to browse a variety of fractals. There also appears to be a fractal viewer in the Microsoft Store[2] if that’s more your speed.

The book that got me interested in fractals and chaos theory was James Gleick’s Chaos.[3] It’s still a fascinating book 30 years after it was written.

Just some resources in case any of you want to pursue fractals and chaos theory a bit further. :slightly_smiling_face:

[1] http://matek.hu/xaos
[2] Fractal Viewer at Microsoft Store
[3] Free preview of James Gleick’s Chaos from Amazon

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I like fractal and choas too. I use fractint before, it is powerful and quickly, but it has been out of development for a very long time. Xaos is also very good.

This is beautiful! This should be tagged as #graphics-and-math