A very iritating game

Umm… heh heh good luck
Try to get out of the screen. lol
Don’t press A to shoot at the white things
Don’t move around
Get hit to lose… I mean win
Don’t get those red heart things or they will kill you… totally
I never made this game for you to lose
Not as much sarcasm… I mean no sarcasm included.
The whole point of this game was umm… to shoot the white things and gain lives and move around to not die… I MEAN THE OPPOSITE OF THAT. Don’t play this game if you want to win… I mean lose, I mean… AHHHH No luck.
umm don’t play this…
If you game over on this game, you will lose brain cells… I mean umm your game. this game…
This is totally about a black screen in the picture…


I think I had a stroke reading the description-



It won’t let me play it - “please check your code for errors.”


That is why it is irritating


the description was so confusing…


Can someone read that to me bit by bit?


The fact people had a stroke reading this while I just thought of an incredibly nervous villain lMAo


When I am playing the game, is it not loading for you guys?
@GameGod @UnsignedArduino @UnderwaterAstronaut @Sagar_speedcube @LCProCODER @Kat

@richard, do you know how to fix this? you did it for me last time on a animal safari picture game.

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Oh wait that wasn’t part of the joke?

also yeah it hasnt been loading ahsjfkhsdkjfh

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No it wasn’t part of the joke. It happened to me once on a photo safari game that i watched on YouTube

@GameGod @UnsignedArduino @UnderwaterAstronaut @Sagar_speedcube @LCProCODER @Kat

I changed the link. Hope it works!


Me tries to find self smack emoji


nope, it isnt working :sweat_smile:. i was planning on making a video about this on my channel (credit to you of course.) but it isnt loading at all. here’s the screenshot.

Ok I have an idea. Go into editor mode and don’t change anything. Then play the game. The error at the end was meant to be there. I didn’t know it would cause something like this in the viewing mode

ok i will try

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Nope, still doenst work. Although, i think you have made the game you intended to make,i am getting very irritated right now…

yeah try this

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try to beat my score


click the edit code button.