Achievements extension

Easily manage tracking and showing achievements in your Arcade games!

If we were to use the “Chase the Pizza” tutorial as an example:

You could check for achievements like this:

check for achievement named {string} in condition {boolean} returns true when the condition is true for the first time. Then you can show an achievement (which uses my Notifications extension internally) with the show achievement with title as {string} and description as {string} and icon as {image}. The image must be an 8x8, otherwise, it will be ignored. The show achievement function will block, so you should put it in a forever loop. It will also save what achievements you obtained using the settings extension. reset all achievements resets all achievements, while reset achievement named {string} resets only a particular achievement. If you wanted to reset the achievement above, you would pass in the_eater.

If you would like to try it out yourself, here is the link:

Press B to reset all achievements.


Can you make a clear achievement pop-up block? To end the achievement faster. Or someting to control the time.

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Speed control now!

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Yes for example to disable the animation and control the time!