Add PyBadge to

I was just wondering if there is any technical issue that would prevent me from adding in the PyBadge board to make code?

I have read the “add a new board” section and it does seem possible to me. I know it will not have any header pins and I am not sure how the display will look when added, but in theory, I think it should work.

Anybody think otherwise?

If I may ask, why are you using Maker instead of Arcade? You should be able to do everything you can in Maker also in Arcade. To access the pins, we have an Edge Connector package

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Add the “feather” package for the pybadge to access the pins.

I think “edge connector” also works. At least, this blinky program works on my PyBadge LC

It might for some pins but the pybadge has a feather footprint so use that package is better.

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I want to code sensors using the STEMMA connections.
Am I missing something in Arcade that will let me do that?

Is there a way in Arcade to access the Neopixels?

The answer to the NeoPixel question is yes, I got it working with the “light” extension.

If you add the feather extension, you’ll get a “pins” category with blocks that you can use for digital, pwm, analog, and i2c over pins. Here’s a gif of me adding it to a project:

When I add in the feather or the edge connector extension, I am getting an error:
“Program Error: Cannot read property “digitalWritePin” of null”.

I think the config file in Arcade is not including digital pins for PyBadge. The programs work, you just get this error. Not great for students.


Agreed, it should not error out. We have an issue tracking that error here:

The simulator will not work with any pins code. As you said, it should work fine on the device itself.


I think I have 2 further issues that will make using Arcade not practical.
I2C does seem to work, so that is good.

I also want to be able to show results from the sensors on the screen.
The issue is I can not see any “non blocking” text out options.
You always have to press “A” to let the program continue.

I also want to be able to “log” the data to a file on the PyBadge, so that the values can be imported into a spreadsheet for analysis and graphing.
I do not think you can do this from Arcade.

Thanks for your help.