Adding "Music" to multiplayer Arcade

Shared code for this is in description of video on YouTube. It is just “space destroyer” multiplayer with a couple of lines of code added so the music plays upon startup. I think this music is coming from speakers in both consoles although the Meowbit (blue) seems to be louder.I do not see a place to add the music when game ends or when asteroids or space craft are hit. This program does not convert to a blocks screen as far as I can tell. I don’t know enough about text coding to understand where music can be added on an event in this game. It seems block coding of multiplayer would help our kids understand what they are doing when coding these kinds of games.

Multiplayer games will come to blocks eventually but we’re still working on the underlying communication protocol. Stay tuned, you’ll see tutorials showing once it’s ready.

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Thanks, Peli for keeping us up to date.