Adding NPC's to a game

Hey, I’m pretty new to MakeCode (and coding in general) and have been using blocks to make my first game. I was wondering how to make a sprite an NPC you could talk to. Is there already something for that? Because when I’ve been creating my spite I’ve come across two difficulties, one, my sprite never spawns at the coordinates I choose to put him at, even though the player sprite does. Secondly, I don’t see a way for the player to speak to this NPC. Anybody have a solution?

You gave me an idea for an extension! The easiest way is creating a new kind, an on but ten pressed, then check if the NPC is touched. This should not be too hard tho.

I would agree, and I think I’ll probably try making something like this. It seems like something such as NPC’s would be standard for MakeCode’s video game creating format.

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I know how to talk to an NPC, @pieisgood889 !