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Adventures of Bevin Bombus Bumble: An Educational Experience (Game)

This is the first game that my friends and I completed on MakeCode Arcade! We were tasked with creating an educational science videogame in the span of four weeks. The Adventures of Bevin Bombus Bumble: An Educational Experience (or Adventures of Bevin for short), is the aftermath.

The controls are as follows: D-Pad (arrow keys) to move and A (space) to jump. The aim of the game is to make it to the end of the level while surviving. The crawling mites (and final bosses) can be killed by stomping on them while the birds cannot be hurt, but will hurt you.

This game holds 12 levels (9 normal, 3 castle) which get more difficult as you progress. Some levels hold keys which need to be collected in order to open doors to get to the flag at the end of the level.

This game was based off of the ongoing issues with varroa mites killing mass amounts of bees, thus the enemies.

Additionally, the reason why it is an "educational experience’ is that after every level passed, the player gets a fun fact!


This is so good


wow, I really like this. the bee facts are an incredibly cool touch


I like the part where you play as a bee


I love the level design, and with the bee facts this game should totally be mandatory literature at school

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You can say it’s… bee-utiful!

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more people should play this :smiley:

especially in schools :school: