Adventures of Sam and Nate

Here’s a new, short game prototype I’ve been working on:

I don’t think I’m going to explain much about how it works. You should try to figure it out. You will definitely want to try the B button. (Enter on a keyboard.)

Hope you enjoy it!


This is great! Love the sprites and the level design

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OMG i love this, it is so cool, do you think you could choose 1p or 2p tho?

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You know, I hadn’t considered simultaneous co-op when I started working on it. I think it’d be tough in some spots when both characters aren’t on-screen at the same time… I’ll ponder it for a bit though.

maybe the last one to move gets the camera

It’s unbelievable, you actually used Arcade to make a 2 character collaboration game! It’s really amazing! The level design is also excellent. I am writing a game design course for Arcade. Please allow me to recommend and introduce your game.

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By all means! Thanks for the encouragement. I’ve got some improvements in an unreleased version… and some ideas for a new mechanic, too…

I’ll be sure to post any future versions to these forums.

love it!

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Hello! This is Dmitry, from TinkerGen STEM Education. Our company made a retro gaming console for use with Makecode Arcade, called GameGo. We have also developed a series of free online courses to help our users to get started with GameGo and learn how to make their own video games. Despite the courses are written for GameGo, there is no restriction on use with other hardware or purely in Makecode simulator.
In the course, there is a recommendation section, where we recommend some good games for students to help them learn. We want to include Adventures of Sam and Nate, a game, that you made, in recommendation section. We think it is very suitable as Demo Game for GameGo, because it fully demonstrates the characteristics of Arcade.

We hope to obtain your permission to allow us to recommend your game in the course, and use Adventures of Sam and Nate as Demo Game in GameGo. In addition, we will send you a free GameGo for you to use and create even more wonderful games. Please reach me at for further communication!

Sure! I’ll follow-up via email.

Hey! I loved this project so much I even remixed it! I hope you like it! The Adventures of Sam and Nate REMASTERED

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I hope you like it!

Awesome. Yeah; I do!

I’ve started trying out a few of your new, bigger levels and they’re a lot of fun.

Also: I’m really happy with your sprite choices, and that the colors line up with Sam and Nate from the original.

Fun fact: In the original, Sam is a girl (like short for Samantha). I think that still even works with your new character design too. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I’m just glad you like it. How did you feel that skeletons have antigravity powers, and that there is a glitch level (on purpose, it is level 14). Lasers were a bit challenging to add, but then I found a very easy way.

I haven’t gotten to the skeletons yet (but I did skip ahead a little bit to check out the behavior of the new arrow blocks, so I may have missed them). I like the pushing/conveyer belt mechanic! Level 16 is one of my favorites so far.

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I like to call them Directional blocks, but arrow blocks are also fine :slightly_smiling_face:

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level 8 is the first with skeletons. level 22 is the first with lasers. If you would like to suggest another mechanic or level type I would be happy. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Dosen’t work! >:(

Oh no! I see that as well.

Looks like something related to tilemap information changed (I’m not sure if it’s the built-in tilemap support, or if its from the extension).

It looks like, from the browser’s console, that the Simulator tries to upgrade the pxt-tilemaps extension (from github:microsoft/pxt-tilemaps#v1.6.0 -> github:microsoft/pxt-tilemaps#v1.8.1), and then fails to compile (with lots of specific failure output); then it tries to run the original code, but that also fails (but with much less granularity about the failure causes).

Rather than trying to manually update my game and post a fixed link, I think this issue is probably worth elevating to someone on the makecode team to take a look at. cc @jwunderl :sweat_smile:

Thanks for pointing it out @Supermoo1234!

I’ll tag in @richard here for the pxt-tilemaps upgrade issue, it looks like tilemap.XY.column (and row) should have been converted to tiles.XY.column but didn’t (so we’re missing an upgrade rule?)

Seems like we should solve on our end as you mentioned, here’s it working again but I don’t think we need to change the top link right away

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When I tried to play it, the game wouldn’t load :slightly_frowning_face: but it seems like a fun game!