AI excercise for students

This is a little exercise for students to help them prepare for Robocup Junior:

The robot must traverse the maze, find the victims, avoid the lava, and return to the start in the fewest steps. Start with ‘Move’ buttons, then code an AI to do the same thing.


Very cool! Why does the robot change color when it goes through the orange and grey tile in the corner?

Thanks for the nice feedback.

Once the robot hits the waypoint (orange and grey tile - like orienteering) the robot has the ability to teleport back to that waypoint. In the physical Robocup Junior maze, there are obstacles (like bumps, traps, etc) which can cause a robot to get stuck. If a robot has detected an waypoint and demonstrated it by beeping as it passes over, then the robot can later be lifted up and placed on the waypoint, if chosen by the operator.

In the virtual game here, the waypoint is a way of speeding up the return to the start, reducing the total steps taken. In physical Robocup Junior maze, the analogous measure (instead of steps) is time. This swap of steps for time is a way of distilling down the problem domain to it’s core logical elements.

me: gets 179 score

game: u did it great! u win!!!11!!1!!!11!!!11!!!