Amazing maze: the challenge debug week

Hey guys, again, I will tell you that the amazing maze has been polished !!

last week, I released a new game update that featured some bugs, which I resolved
so I will leave the link again for you who want to know the game

bugs resolved:

bug of the time that ended and the game continued

blue ball that had no special

and I took the opportunity to add a song to the game that will be increased during the week

bugs that I will try to resolve:

blue ball without camera

I would like to apologize to you for having released the update with these bugs but I make it clear that any other bug that appears I count on you to let me know in the most thanks

Got the secret ending!

you are the best , I will tell you a secret soon this week I will release new maps wait for congratulations bro

you find one of three secrets flags kkkkk you are the best bro

man I will send you the link for the new update