Amazon Packing Game

Hello there! You ever wondered how it is to pack boxes for Amazon? No? Then this game is not made for you! If yes then go ahead!
I made this game about packing packages! Currently there only is one item which is LEG which you can pack! I might add more if a lot of people play it! Also when the item is above the box PRESS down and do not repeat! Then wait until you get the next instruction do NOT press anything until you get the new instruction (top left) Also press B when it says so! Other instructions should be repeated until done! I made this bc I saw someone make a mobile game like this (a bit different)

Press Menu to delete your score! (For whatever reason you would need to do that!)
Please Report bugs if you catch any! Thanks!


That is very cool! It’s impressive how the leg shrinks when it goes down into the box. Good job!


Wow! this is really cool!

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Bro I love playing with l e g

This is cool! im working on a modded if thats okay with you? if it is i will bost it here below! ive added
more stuf!