[Announcement] MakeCode Arcade Mini Game Jam #5 - Multiplayer Jam

@richard did the jam end yet?

Is the forum put into hiatus deliberately to make the anticipation and excitement ahead of announcing the winners even more unendurable? :wink:


I think i ran out of time, But my Game was called Celestia, Its kind of an open world RPG with In-game music and fighting.


@Vegz78 everyone is a winner in mini game jams!


@richard, when will the next big Game Jam be?

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True that, @richard!
(Even though you gallantly dodged the question about the long and hard hiatus on the forum, even when taking Thanksgiving turkey and Black Friday shopping into account…) :wink:

Great work everyone who contributed and the @MakeCode team that hosted yet another mini game jam with new fun features(multiplayer)!

No doubt everyone would feel even more like winners when “We’ll be playing the games on the MakeCode Arcade Advanced livestream the Friday after the jam ends. Also, all participants will get an exclusive badge on their forum profile”!!!

Got my answer here…
https://forum.makecode.com/t/no-stream-today-11-28-22/16659 and here https://forum.makecode.com/t/thanksgiving-schedule-and-mini-game-jam-stream/16341

Hope you all get better soon and looking forward to the mini game jam stream on Wednesday!

welcome to da forum


@richard, I noticed that there is a new Multiplayer category on the MakeCode Arcade Website! I was wondering if it would be possible for the games from this Mini Game Jam to be put onto that category.

I completely understand if not. :slight_smile:

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