Annoying bug with the character animation extension

Hey @richard could you please fix this annoying bug with the character animation extension.
Problem example: when you are moving left and your character is looking and walking left. If you then hit a wall the character is gonna look to the right and show the animation for looking right. Could you please fix this bug. It’s really annoying :weary::slightly_frowning_face::triumph:

Can you provide an obvious example in one of your games where it’s possible to reproduce this bug?
It’s possible you made a mistake, if I can take a look at your code I can possibly assess if the error is in your code or indeed the extension.


@Sonicblaston could you write a (small) program that demonstrates this bug and post the share link?


Ok, i tried to remake the bug but then it didn’t work. So it’s probably just my game. But it has bugged me since I started using it
Here’s the game

I found the bug!! It was a bounce on wall block in the code that made it happen. (I feel stupid for saying it was in the extension) it really looked like it was a bug with extension. I just got sooo much in the start block that I didn’t even notice it (and a got lots of other code) this is how my starter block looks like

It’s kinda full​:sweat_smile::rofl: