Any way to code in Java for the Micro:Bit

I would like to make an OS for the Micro:Bit (I know it’s a hard project but idc), which is (for me) unpratical to do in Javascript and Python (and I also just love Java). Is there anyway to code in Java for the Micro:Bit? Or at least on a high level?

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Hi @Abelkrijgtalles , Welcome to the forum!

One of the best lists of Microbit resources is Awesome Microbit. It has a list of several programming languages and tools that support the micro:bit in some way: . Unfortunately, it doesn’t list Java.

There aren’t many operating systems written in Java, but if you know Java it’s pretty easy to learn C or C++ , which are both supported on the micro:bit and commonly used in O.S. development. Many of the runtimes already in use are written in C/C++ and it’s possible to modify them to add features/etc. You may want to look into the Microbit page on the runtime, or even some of the repositories for the foundational libraries, like

There are also several operating systems already that are worthy of study. See the RTOS (“Real-Time Operating Systems”) section at Awesome Microbit:️-rtos-with-microbit-profile .


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