Arcade Advanced Stream #154 - Hamlet


Join @shakao, @jwunderl, @richard, and me as we start making a game about being the spotlight operator for a mouse version of Hamlet! Join us in this stream to watch us ruminate over what play we should do, what exactly is the plot of any Shakespeare play, and how to spell old timey names! We used the lantern extension (riknoll/pxt-lantern) and the storytelling extension (riknoll/arcade-story). We’ll be continuing this game tomorrow

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I LOVE HAMLET!! It’s my favorite Shakespeare play besides “A midsummer night’s dream” I love the spotlight on it too!


omggg that’s awesome I know exactly 0 things about Hamlet XD shannon and richard and joey had to lead me through it


Its okay lol. I’d only heard about it before we studied it in drama back in school :laughing:

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Ok so I just re-read that and it’s really unclear. What I was trying to say was before we studied Hamlet in drama club, I had barely heard of it.