Arcade Advanced Stream #195 - Animal Racing

Hey folks,

Join @livcheerful, @jwunderl, and I as we make a game inspired by a suggestion from @DahbixLP! We made a drag racing game with animals. Not just animals, animals with other animals on top of them. We did not finish it, but we’ll probably keep working on it later.

Watch the full stream here:

And grab the code below:

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I can’t help but think of video game designer and programmer Jeff Minter of Llamasoft who wrote a couple of good games for the VIC-20 featuring camels and llamas. He might be fond of this game.

Did this live stream video privacy change? I can’t access the YouTube video. I get an access error saying the video is private.

Whoops! Should be fixed now. Sorry about that!

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Nice idea @DahbixLP! The idea that it’s animals ON animals just makes me laugh :laughing:

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