Arcade Advanced Stream #198 - Animal Racing Pt. 2

Hey folks!

Join @jwunderl, @livcheerful, and I as we finish up our drag racing game! This time we add collisions to our flying turtles, some basic enemy behavior, and a character select screen. Why are the turtles flying? Because animals don’t always follow the rules.

Thanks again to @DahbixLP for the idea!

Watch the full stream here:

Grab the code below:

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Oh boy we are real close to 200 streams…


what are we gonna do for the big 200??? D:


For the bicentennial, you could do the same thing as you did for the centennial, but twice as many of your projects.

@livcheerful why don’t you do a ninja runner game that has a BIG celebration at the end like ‘Happy 200th Stream!’. Never seen a ninja runner before :thinking:

the biggest thing ever!