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Arcade Advanced Stream #262 - BONSAI! 🌸


Join @richard and me as we code a bonsai tree generator! Every tree is different! There’s a little bit a math, but a lot of fun. The extension we used was: jwunder/arcade-sprite-util

Watch the full stream here:

Check out the code below:

some trees i’ve made so far:

post your trees in the comments!

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this is a very pretty tree, why don’t you make a cherry blossom tree! that would be prettier :cherry_blossom: :cherry_blossom: :cherry_blossom: and don’t mind the red circle it’s just my cursor.

how do you change cursor-

On a Chromebook you can set it in accessibility settings - Show red highlight around cursor or something like that…


on chrome? (not chrome book, chrome)

No, it is only available on a Chromebook. :frowning: I wish I had it on Windows.


You are right, i just go to my accessibility on my chromebook, then i go to additional settings and i click highlight mouse cursor.


Man, I would do anything for a windows. There’s so much stuff you can’t do on a chromebook. (Like a full version of autodesk sketchbook and a bunch of other shtuff.)


some people call it chrome, some people call it chrome book,okay?

wait chrome book is a computer?


Indeed :brain: .

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@girlwhocode i didn’t knew, i thought only hawei apple and android made computers lol


yes it is.

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HP, lenovo, alien ware, AMD, there are millions more! (I specialize in hardware and specs.)

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Lol, how’d you didn’t know :laughing: it’s like the most seen/common computer.

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i never heard of it before ;-; maybe because they dont exist in my country

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Oh…oops :frowning_face_with_open_mouth: :frowning:

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yeah it was the first time i heard of them lol


Chromebooks are pretty good.
Tbh, i like windows better tho

i dont even know how they look ;-;

tbh i use mac

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