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Arcade Advanced Stream #320-324

Hey folks!

We’re going to be trying out a new format when posting our streams to the forum since we have fallen so very, very, far behind. Going forward, we’re going to do one post per week that sums up every stream we made. Without further ado, here are streams 320-324:

Stream 320

We started making a platformer extension for Arcade! Lot’s of JavaScript in this one. If you ever wanted to see us make some blocks, this is the stream to watch!

The code is here:

Stream 321

This game lets you create a newspaper headline. You can’t change the picture though; it’s always a corgi. I wonder who came up with that idea…

Stream 322

We made a LIFE SIMULATOR!?!? Well, I guess it’s mostly a deer simulator. Still counts! We also do some fancy terrain edge generation in this one!

Stream 323

We keep working on our (deer) LIFE SIMULATOR! This time, we code some cool procedural map generation, add some more deer behaviors, and discuss some future plans.

Stream 324

Have you ever wanted to be a firefighter? Well this game will not help you achieve that dream. It’s pretty fun though!

The MakeCode Arcade Advanced stream takes place weekdays at 1:00 PM PST. Now on YouTube, Twitter (@msmakecode), and Twitch (


I like the new thumbnails :smiley:


I saved 89% of the apartment

@livcheerful drew them!


Love the art on the thumbnails! Also can you give a super brief breakdown of how the procedural map generation works in Life Simulator PT. 2? Thanks.

haha yes so the logic in make a blob is:

→ We want to make a blob of a random shape on the grass. The deprecation rate controls how big the blob is – the more it deprecates, the smaller the blob. the less it deprecates, the bigger the blob
→ We use a helper function make a blob helper that takes in a tile location. At the tile location, it’ll set the tile to be the pond with the given percent chance, and then call make a blob helper again on all the adjacent (up, down, left, right) tiles.
→ What’s the deprecation for? Every time we call make a blob helper on an adjacent tile, we are less likely to actually set it and keep on going. We change the percent chance that we’ll set the tile using the deprecation rate

this is using :sparkles: recursion :sparkles:


i didnt