Arcade Advanced Stream #79 - Dessert Island

Hey folks!

Join @livcheerful, @jwunderl, @darzu, @shakao, and I as we start building a randomly generated game idea! Our prompt this time was a relaxing, survival game set on an island and featuring dessert. Our game ended up being about collecting dessert ingredients from found objects drifting in on the tide.

Watch the stream here:

Grab the code below:

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We’ll be finishing this game tomorrow, so feel free to join in and bring dessert ingredient ideas!

Strawberries ice cream and maybe bananas

What ice cream rips it’s pants.

A banana split

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Chocolate Soufflé:
Egg yolks, egg white (main ingredients) chocolate, vanilla extract.
Don’t blame me if i get the i get the ingredients wrong.

Try to be positive in your posts! Makecode forum is a place where people can freely post their ideas and games. If you have constructive criticism, please include that instead of saying something that might hurt the poster’s feelings.


Well do not blame me but it is impossible to get the ingredients

You cannot get all of the ingredients because you are using the unfinished link. I would recommend playing the finished game before criticizing. Finished Game: Arcade Advanced Stream #80 - Dessert Island pt. 2

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It still isn’t nice.


Well sorry