Arcade Advanced Stream #94 - Temple of Zoom (feat. enemies!)

RUN AWAYYYYY :cactus::roll_of_toilet_paper:

Join @shakao, @richard, and me as we add more levels and enemies to our Temple of Zoom game! We have classic enemies of Mo the Cat: mummy cats (who follow you around), QUEEN mummy cats, (who follow you around smartly), and euphoribas (who are just doing their thing, but don’t step on their spikes)!

Watch the full stream here:

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The MakeCode Arcade Advanced stream happens weekdays at 1:00 PM PST on

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Oh my gosh that is hard

i know :sweat_smile: i think we need to add a beep for the light changes. it’s too hard to keep an eye on it!

You just stare at it.
@Dreadmask197 I took 2 tries and the only obstacle to avoid is the cactus guys.

but how are you looking at the traffic light and the level??? XD

I know right?! its so hard!!

Jist occasionally glance over at the light and when it rmturns yellow, stop

That’s what I do as well