Arcade Advanced Stream - A week off (4/27-5/1)

Hey folks,

So @richard, @shakao, @jwunderl and I all have a fairly busy week coming up and we’re feeling like we could use a little break from the streams. So we’re postponing the Arcade Advanced stream until Monday the 4th.

Thanks everyone for following along! In the meantime, if you have any topics you would like covered now would be a great time to post suggestions as it’ll give us some time to think of ways to incorporate them.

Warm regards,
Daryl & the team


You guys have done an amazing job of consistently churning out informative and entertaining hour long chunks of games programming! Enjoy the week off.

Things I’d love to see in future streams:

  1. Character animation—especially something like walking effects or a button triggered action (swinging a sword or something). Some confusion about animation vs legacy animation systems has come up a couple of times on these forums. It’d be great to see a worked example from you guys.

  2. Oddly… a game with a title screen—even if it’s just added to an existing game you’ve made. It seems like a screen that displays before the game is going to slightly complicate some of the controller handlers, and I’d love to see an elegant solution. (The JS apis have the concept of scenes, which seems ideal for this case, but I don’t think those are exposed to blocks at all.)

  3. A game with two different view/interaction modes—admittedly, this may be too involved to fit into a couple of streams. Examples of what I mean: Super Mario Bros 3 has the World view (a level select) and the actual side-scrolling gameplay; or Zelda II: The Adventure of Link has the top-down view where Link walks around a map and the encounter view where he’s doing side-scrolling action rpg combaty things; or Final Fantasy where your party walks around a map, until there’s enemy combat and then you’re in turn-based combat side view… hopefully you’re familiar with at least one of those examples :sweat_smile: The pirate/compass game felt like it was close to getting here.

  4. An example/demo of the Github integration? :blush: I haven’t played around with it yet … maybe it’s self-explanatory.

I’m mostly posting these in the hopes that some of these ideas are helpful as you consider content to make. But even if you don’t get to any of these specifically, you’re doing amazing with these streams. Looking forward to their return!


If you do get around to trying the github integration, I would HIGHLY suggest checking out beta for that (maybe not for the whole time, but to get a feeling at least) - there have been significant improvements / changes since the last release, like automatically building a simulator preview page and pushing it to the repos github pages and a commit history / pushing a change that reverts the state to a previous commit (without destroying history).


A few videos about github integration – . The version in beta is MUCH better, specially around generating a pre-compiled version of the javascript game hosted on github pages.


Thanks for the suggestions, @jacob_c! These are great ideas and we’ll probably be able to cover all of these on stream.

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@peli, that’s exactly what I was looking for! There’s even a visual diff view with blocks?! Amazing. I should start using this.

Send us your feedback!

The new GitHub integrations in beta are wonderful. I love seeing the new iterations, too. Amazing work, team!

I thought of another thing I’d love to see an example of:

  • A parallax background effect with something like backgroundImage (I don’t actually know if you can achieve this with background image, or if you need to layer some large sprites or something…)

I did a small version of that with the hot air balloon blocks example - keep the background image static, but scroll a pair of screen width images of mountains across the screen. (I only drew 2 mountains because I’m no artist and it was exhausting, but it can be extended if you want to do something else - e.g. could do the same thing with like 6 images at once and a variety of them, as long as they all have corners that somewhat match up). Could do it in javascript with just a background image:

Now that I’m thinking of it, this could be a real nice place for an extension, could use the animation editor to make sure things line up with onion skinning…


We had started on support for parallax backgrounds in the engine but never fixed it.

I know this is an old topic, but this kind of support would make a side-scrolling game so much more realistic. It was something that you could do in Touch Develop, so it would be nice if it were possible here.

You’re alternatives are quite interesting, of scrolling screen width images across the screen, and I happened to find a good example of that here: North Shore Winter Adventure