Arcane Dungeons

In this game, you explore different dungeons, using your magic to defeat enemies along the way! As you defeat enemies and collect chests, you will level up and learn new spells - spells that are more powerful and capable of destroying higher level enemies!

What the game includes
  • 8 dungeons
  • nearly 20 different spells.
  • 5 different enemies
  • 2 bosses
  • previews of each dungeon

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Can I provide a hand with the game? I understand this isn’t a collaboration game, but the spells appear extremely dull (it simply says attack), despite the fact that the game is otherwise excellent.
I’m sorry if my grammar is wrong I’m not a native speaker of English


It was so fun but I died to chests XD
The previews are amazing- I never thought to do that, I think it could be super useful in these kinds of planning-attack games.


Yes, I would really appreciate some help! You’re right, the spells are not exciting. It simply says attack, you choose a spell, and the enemy gets destroyed. Not a whole lot happens.

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Could you please provide me with a list of spells along with an explanation of each spell?

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i might make an extension for this a custom animation =)

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The spells you can learn:
  • fireball - shoots a fireball
  • thorn attack - fires a barrage of thorns
  • water jet - shoots a blast of water
  • laser beam - shoots a laser
  • gravity shot - shoots a small black-hole-like projectile
  • ice blast - fires a spread of ice
  • stone smash - summons a giant boulder and smashes it on enemies
  • wind force - blast opponents with powerful wind gusts
  • lava spray - spray hot lava at enemies
  • tornado power - summons a small tornado
  • nature’s power - calls upon nature’s power to obliterate opponents
  • tsunami force - creates a small tsunami
  • magma river - fires a torrent of magma
  • earth crush - crushes enemy into the earth
  • draconic missile - fires a rocket of powerful dragon magic
  • galactic rage - uses the power of the galaxy to annihilate opponents