Asteroids Incoming! - Microsoft MakeCode

I think this by far is my best game. Hope you guys like it and it gets submitted!
When you reach 300 score, traps will start to appear. You don’t know which mystery boxes are traps, but it’s still okay to grab the mystery boxes anyway, because normal mystery boxes have a higher probability for actual power-ups rather than traps.
My high score was 761 points (another name for the score).
In case the trap: no power-up for 5 times confuse you, what it basically does is not allow a mystery box to appear five times.
Again, I hope this gets submitted!


9 Year old Xandria playing your game, thanks pegasusAN23:

Hello again! I have a new update your child might want to see:

This edition has added traps and power-ups like Revival When Dead and No Jumping.
I also edited a few bugs.
Hope your child likes this better than the old one!