Backrooms Remastered

This is my remastered and upgraded backrooms game. I basically remade my previous backrooms game but better.
The moist smell of the carpet and the buzzing of the fluorescent ceiling lights drive you crazy in this place. You have to find an exit…if there is one.
Here is what the entity looks like:
arcade-Backrooms-Remastered (1)
There is a glitch to where the background of the game wouldn’t change when you toggle map view on but it would change to the wrong background when you toggle it off.
Also, for some reason you can noclip in random areas of the map and go out of bounds (this workes for every area)
Credit to ChrisChael for also making a backrooms game. I also kinda yoinked in some of his code. And, thanks to his backrooms game I wouldn’t have figured out that there was a 3d renderer extension so credits to the creator of that extention as well.

I will add extra levels into this game such as the Redrooms or level !. I can’t add tall levels such as Level 188 because the 3d renderer has some restrictions. Either that or I just don’t know how to fully use the extension yet.

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Also, howler/bacteria will have a new texture (not a BIG change)

Levels I’ll be adding are:
Level 1
Level 2
Level - 9223372036854775807 (glitchy version before rewrite)
Level :] (can’t do parenthesis mouth or it’ll convert into a emoji)
Poolrooms (Maybe once I learn how to make taller and shorter walls)
Probably Redrooms

Entities I’ll be adding are:
Spider Legs
Skin Stealer
Giant Moth Thingie (I think it’s called Death Moth)
Talking Ben (he’ll be there as a joke)
Giga Chad (He’ll work as a bodyguard once you find him somewhere in a level. Once you do that, he’ll follow you and anything that touches him (besides you) dies)

So, while I was working on new levels I accidentally cleared my browsing history which deleted most of my progress ;-; (I wasn’t signed in.) Atleast this gives me time on redoing some stuff and remaking each level but better.

The original levels I added before my progress being gone was Redrooms, Level 2, and level !

I kinda took a break from makecode but I will be working on this and another game if I have time