Baldi's Basics in Education and learning (3D)

So I am making a 3D Baldi’s Basics game. I used the ray-casting extension, but with that I can’t make an inventory. Also, I can’t make the player do a 180 degree turn when you press the spacebar. Can you help?
(My game incase you want it:)

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That’s actually really cool! One recommendation, add a background image. If you make it a certain way, you can give the illusion of a floor and ceiling.

You would paint the upper half of the background image a dark color, and the bottom half would be a darker color.

Anyways, good job!

Bro when baldi jumped me I just grabbed the question…
it SCARED the flip out me me…
I like it…
Good Job

I also made a layout for camping And music

I made play time have you jump and running and the 180 views


I made some improvement’s to make it better

Hi, @marioeligi !
to turn a 180° when press A, add following blocks please:

Keep on this interesting theme, looking forward for your release!

I’m scared now, because my project is really big and barely loads any more o_o
I don’t think I can edit it any more XD


So are we continuing this or not?

Uhm I made two new topics…
But yes we are

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whats the dots for?

His sight

welcome to making big games on makecode arcade

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