Ballville (1.19.4)

this is my first game! I hope you guys like it.


This is pretty cool!
(Team, this game does not load in the shared page; but load in the editor).

Fun game :slight_smile:

Do you happen to know where the game hub! extension / file came from? Is it maybe a local package you were working on? The share page is upset because it can’t find it properly, and it’s showing up weirdly in the file explorer as well. Here it is without that so the share page works:

Yeah, this is something we should fix. I have fixed this for publishing repositories. Will look into it.

good start. i don’t even know how to make the sprite jump and not fly! :joy: :rofl: :joy:

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this is how to make gravity and jumping,
on start{
set mysprite ay to 350
on button A pressed{
if my sprite vy = 0{
set my sprite vy to -190

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oh ok thanks

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It was one of my files.

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and again good game

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thanks so much!

Has anyone finished my game?

Awesome!! I liked the transition from being a platformer to a top-down maze in the last level, it took me a couple tries to find the king without dying!

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I love your game! It is so fun!

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thank you!

I did not finish it but the first few levels were good

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I have updated it ->


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Who wants me to make another game.

  • yes
  • no

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ok i will make another