Battle royale


This is a good start! nice job so far.

I am very sorry if this sounds mean or insulting. but this game seems a bit off I see that it could use a bit more work in the code, I see that when you press A or B it destroys an enemy but if you were to make it so that you fire a projectile and when the projectile hit an enemy he is destroyed. another thing that you could improve is that it seems as if you neglected the use of variables you could make it so you need both enemies destroyed you could make it so var1= 0 on an enemy destroyed var1 = 1 and on the game update IF var1 = 2 you would win the game

some other ideas:

  • make it so you don’t wait until you win
  • have the chests do something or give you something
  • (artistic) redo the sprites
  • make it so that when the badies touch you they don’t instantly kill you
  • slow down the badies
  • and it a royale type game make yourself spawn randomly
  • same with the badies ^

I am very sorry if you take this offensively this is intended to be constructive criticism