Introducing Bitley, the pet that’s (figuratively) out of this world!
Like the Tamagotchi toys, this pet will need your love and care to grow and thrive!



Bitley will hatch out of their egg a few seconds after the game starts. From then on, you’ll need to ensure you keep your pet in good care!

Press the menu button to access the main menu. From there, you’ll find the following selections:

FEED: This will feed your pet some food. Your pet will gain 25 fullness after eating. Your pet will not eat if it’s already 100% full.

PLAY: This will allow you to play a game with your pet! You will be given a number between 1-9, and you’ll need to guess if another number will be higher or lower than it. You will gain 25 happiness for winning, but you wont lose anything if you don’t.

MEDS: This will heal your pet’s injuries. If your pet doesn’t get cared for, it will start getting hurt. This option will heal your pet to 100 health. You only get 3 heals per pet.

INFO: This checks your pet’s stats.

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Nice! I like the effects!