Block fields - forcing specific number of lines?

Using the inlineInputMode allows a block to have fields all inline. But is it possible to force exactly two lines for the block’s appearance? Take for example the following function which has a drop-down list (Line/Box/Rectangle), an On/Off toggle field, and then two sets of (x,y) co-ordinates.

Can I force this so that the two sets of coords appear on the second line of the block? If I don’t set inlineInputMode the block editor is keen to put each field on a separate line and I think that’s an undesirable appearance. But a single inline set of fields produces a very long box. Can’t I force a specif intermediate?

  * Plot a shape between two points (x0,y0) to (x1,y1)
  * @param plot - plot type: 0 = line, 1 = box, 2 = rectangle
  * @param state - fill or clear the pixels
  * @param x0 - column  (0,17)
  * @param y0 - row (0,7)
  * @param x1 - column  (0,17)
  * @param y1 - row (0,7)
//% blockId=myscrollbit_plot
//% block="plot %plot=plot_conv $state from x %x0 y %y0 to x %x1 y %y1"
//% state.shadow="toggleOnOff"
//% state.defl=true
export function plot(plot: number, state: boolean, x0: number, y0: number, x1: number, y1: number): void {