Block Sub-Category (not groups)

Hey everyone. I may be imagining it, but last fall at the micro:bit live conference in Manchester I was sure that Peli de Halleux showed me an example of a sub-category in a makecode IDE. I.e. imagine if you clicked on the Basic top-level category and instead of the toolbox flyout, it then showed another sub section of categories and from there if you clicked on them the toolbox flyouts would show. I have searched all over for this but cannot find it. If I recall he showed me from an extension.

I’m trying to deal with a large number of categories needed and not overwhelming students. Anyone familiar with this or am I dreaming?


Do you mean like the ‘more’ category here:

We’ve typically been moving away from using those, as we find that generally kids have an easier time scrolling than noticing the new category / remembering which is in which. If you want to use it, though, it’ll pop up if you annotate a block with

//% advanced=true

If I recall correctly,

//% subcategory="something"

will make one labeled as ‘something’ instead of ‘more’, but I’m not certain on that / whether that’s been used.

Thanks for the reply. It wasn’t the more, I do use that one frequently for higher level stuff. It essentially was the ability to click on Basic and then see a subsection of block categories. Although with what you said about the subcategories, I’m wondering if it was multiple “more’s” all renamed? Maybe i’ll see if that works. Thanks!