A replica of the original Bomberman on NES.

One of the projects that we create on Arcade to let the kids learn in an open-world like playground.

Each playground is set up by

  1. picking a subset of items of a curriculum standard(CSTA / Curriculum framework of MA, etc.) of the specific age group.
  2. presenting a game with minimal features that will ensure all the listed items would be encountered by the students to learn & practice; (Considered as the tutorial levels of a open-world game)
  3. having the students to take part in the requirement analysis-design-development-test iteration.
  4. once the minimal game is out, students are free to introduce new features.

These playground sound really good. Will you be sharing them online?

Yes, that is the plan, but to ensure quality, we’ve been testing against different age group (a lot of testing and modification need to be done to build the right scaffolding). once we have a relatively stable version, we will release it.

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