Boss Not Spawning

Hi, I’m, making a platformer game with some cool bosses
However, if you play until the last level, the boss does not spawn
all my other bosses are spawning, but my final boss isn’t
any help is appreciated!

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Hi @SolarSkyseer430,

Nice game, but this was a bit difficult to debug with all this code and the huge StartNextLevel function…

I am not quite sure what the problem is, but something is not working quite right in the for loops for each tile-element of different kinds in the various tilemaps, where you draw the different enemies on top and then replace those special tiles with empty tiles.

Not only is the boss not consistently spawning when going from level 15 to 16, but on my computer only 1 small flying enemy is spawning, even though the tilemap for level 16 contains 2 special tiles for small flying enemies.

But when starting directly on level 16 on game start, the BigGuy is spawned every time.

And the way you use tiles to place sprites is consistent with the official Breadcrumb Trail concept example, as far as I can tell:

Not sure if the loops goes through tiles in other tilemaps on earlier iterations, even before the specific level tilemap is set, and therefore the tile for the BigGuy is maybe overwritten before level 16 is reached, somehow.

So I give up, sorry! Maybe the @MakeCode team or some of the more experienced forum users can take a look and see right away where the problem is?

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i can’t fix your problem but i just wanted to give my review on the game, I like the art style but I think the game gets stale after a while, try adding something to mix up the levels.

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